Tuesday, December 18, 2007

"Featured Mango" Henry

Henry ( left) with his buddy "Moe", clowning around on the steel drums pre-shift.

Hometown: Chalate, El Salvador
Years at Mango Mike's: 1.5 years
Position: Server
Favorite Entree: Cajun NY Strip
Most Famous Person Served: Micheal Jackson*
Best thing about Mango Mike's: The Fishtanks
Schools attended: T.C. Williams
When I'm not at Mango's you'll find me: Working Out
Best advice for customers: "Come in, Be Happy, Eat and drink well, and then leave a big tip!!!"

*Bloggers Note - I'm not sure what Micheal Jackson he is referring to, but to my knowledge the King of Pop has yet to visit Mango Mike's


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