Sunday, January 06, 2008

One of the Worlds Most Famous Tiki Bars

From their website:
"When you step into the Tiki-Ti, (some call it the Tiki, the Ti, or sometimes the Tik) it's almost like stepping back in time. The bar is small -- only 12 stools, with a handful of tables against the walls -- but what it lacks in physical size it makes up for in menu size. There are 86 Tropical Drinks on offer, most of which simply can't be found anywhere else. Unfortunately we can't serve up a drink on the web, but we hope you enjoy this web site as we try to give you a little taste of what the Tiki-Ti is like when it is open."

The bar was opened in 1961 by master mixologist Ray Buhen, who was there at the start of the Tropical Drink craze at Don The Beachcomber’s legendary restaurant. His son and grandson, Michael and Mike Buhen now carry on his tradition; together, they practice the “Lost Art” of Exotic Cocktail mixing in the last of the great neighborhood tiki bars.

Go to their website and check this LA joint out. There's also a complete listing of all their 86 tropical drinks. They sell NO BEER or WINE. As they say you can get those at Mango Mike's.



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