Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Lost Buddies

Nothing better than getting an email from a good friend you haven't seen in about 18 years.

I thought this guy had gone to happy land.

Freddy Sohegian was in a bar in Puerta Vallarta Mexico drinking cheap tequila when he engaged in some light conversation with some tourista's at the bar. Finds out these ladies were in from Alexandria, Va. and not only did they know me, but one of them worked at my old joint, Shooter McGee's. Now the stories start flying like tennis balls out of a training machine. This spurs Freddy to search me out, like a dog. Really made my day as Ms. Donna and I had a lot of fun with this guy, even to the point he and the ex Mrs. Sohegian joined us on our honeymoon to Club Med St. Lucia.

You never know what the next email is going to bring.

Pix of Freddy and one of the many ex-Mrs. Sohegians, circa 1990.

I love ya, man.


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