Tuesday, June 10, 2008

One of my Top Favorite Bars

Seacrets at 49th Street and the Bay in Ocean City, Md is just over the top.

Opened about 25 years ago, it was initially a private club (due to a non-compete clause with a restaurant he had just sold across the street) with only about 10 seats at a tiki bar. The draw is the bay beach where you could lay on a raft (see first photo) and have the waitress bring your frozen pina colada out to you on the raft or you can sit at a bar stool and high top table right in the water. An immediate hit, it was only open for the first five years to residents of Ocean City as a private club.

Owner, Leighton Moore, has done an incredible job with this place. Over the years it has grown from a 10 seat tiki bar to a country of it's own. Every year he adds another piece of the puzzle. It's grown to an operation that can hold 5,000 people at over 15 bars, a nightclub (with a diamond plate dance floor with sub woofers located under the floor so you don't even need to dance you just vibrate across the dance floor like one of those football games).

All the exterior bars are surrounded by sand, which by the end of the evening is like concrete from the pounding of thousands of sandals. In the morning they bring out the garden roto tillers to work the sand into a beach consistency. We mop, they rototill.

Hundreds of palm trees are planted every year to verify his claim of "Seacrets located in Jamaica, USA". It's rumored that he spends over $400k every year in plantings. But judging by the amount of palm trees it could be entirely true.

To avoid traffic, cops, lines and cover fees it's best to visit by boat. You can either hang off a mouring in the bay and get a water taxi ride in, or if you a shallow draft you can dock right on the beach.

In my opinion this is the must see destination in Ocean City


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