Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Fathers and Daughters at Work (or how to get slave labor)

Nothing better than having your daughters gainfully employed. Better yet if they're gainfully employed at your establishment.

Both Danielle and Chelsea have worked all summer down at Mango's at Bethany Beach. Danielle as a server and Chelsea as our only female food runner.

I can't tell you how proud of them I am, as they both worked liked sled dogs all summer.* And the times I got work with them was actually a lot of fun. (Kinda like bossing them at home, but getting paid to do it.) ;)

Producers instead of consumers. It warms a fathers heart.

They're both ready to head to school, but with the knowledge they had a very productive summer.

*To be fair, the rest of the staff worked equally as hard. Every day at Mango's at the beach is like a Friday night in most restaurants.


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