Saturday, August 08, 2009

Starbucks under the Radar w/ New Name

Hoping to compete with the local Mom & Pop coffee shops (Watch out Nora at St. Elmo's in Del Ray), Starbucks is launching a line of new coffee shops called 15th Ave. Coffee and Tea.

From the Chicago Tribune:

"In the continued flailings of the Starbucks chain, here's a new one: the stealth Starbucks store.

A Seattle outlet of the 16,000-store coffee behemoth is being rebranded without visible Starbucks identifiers, as 15th Avenue Coffee and Tea.

Two other stores in Starbucks' native Seattle will follow suit, each getting its own name to make it sound more like a neighborhood hangout, less like Big Coffee, a Starbucks official told The Seattle Times on Thursday."


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