Monday, September 06, 2010

Labor Day Weekend At Bethany

I think with the impending storm from Hurricane Earl a lot of folks decided to skip on the beach this weekend. This is the first Friday where my drive to the beach was interrupted by a large backup on Route 50 getting to the Bay Bridge. Good for the traffic flow, not good for the customer flow at Mango's in Bethany.

Everyone who didn't post at the beach missed the best weekend all summer. Incredible weather in the 80's w/ low humidity. It was perfect.

I brought my windsurfing gear down and was able to get on the water on Saturday with the winds blowing out of the west at about 15 -20. Working a 7.0 sail it was perfect.

My partner Dick has graduated from the wimpy windsurfing stuff and now is an excellent kite boarder.

Pictures from New Road just south of Dewey Beach.


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