Sunday, March 02, 2008

Eastport Oyster Bar - Fairfax City

Just came across this photo the other day of the Anderson men finishing up construction of the Eastport Oyster Bar in Fairfax City.(circa 1986) My dad and brother both participated in it's construction. With my Dad doing most of the difficult manual labor, digging the trenches for the plumbing by hand (he lost 25 lbs in 2 weeks due to work load and the September heat), and my brother Paul who did all the upholstry work.

This was the second location for Tom Jackson and myself as the first one was on Duke Street, Eastport Raw Bar which later became the original Mango Mike's, then Dancing Peppers, and now Los Teltocos. After a complete remodel and a lot of money we only lasted 9 months. I had to call my Father and tell him he had to come back because part of the deal with the new owners, Le Peep, we had to gut the joint. You can imagine how that call went. Luckily we had a great lease, way below market, and it was the 80's so the chains had a plenty of money and we're scarfing up properties and fast as possible. They paid us a lot for that lease. Unfortunately that whole Le Peep breakfast deal didn't work out and they lost all their 5 stores in the area after a few years. Currently the space is Joe's Pizza and Pasta and I'm happy to relay that Joe has found his niche with Fairfax City and doing quite well.


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