Monday, July 28, 2008


On the way to Oshkosh we decided to make a quick stop in downtown Chicago so the Mangoettes could experience shopping on Michigan Ave. I took the camper right into town and dropped them off at ground zero for Michigan in front of Forever 21. You have to be a chick to appreciate this stop.

They were in heaven.

Two and half hours later I pick them up and it's up to N. Chicago to Dad's stop. Smoque BBQ. A new urban BBQ place featured on the food channel.

I'll have to say it was pretty darn good BBQ. Pictured here is the brisket and a over-the-top macaroni and cheese side dish.

Driving the RV down Michigan Ave., I got a pix of this dude out in front of Bennigans handing out free mini cheeseburger sliders along the side walk. Check out the face out of the guy passing trying to decide to grab and go.

The downside was getting involved in 95 type rush hour traffic as we headed out of town on Friday. A normal 3 hour trip to Oshkosh took is nearly six hours. stop Oshkosh.


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