Monday, September 08, 2008

Bike Ride for Alzheimers Association

They wouldn't let us on the bus until someone had purchased enough garbage bags to cover all the seats. Earning the name the "Condom Bus".

After cleaning up they treated us to a great pasta and chicken dinner, with plenty of brewski's, then dropped the bad news. They were cancelling Sundays' ride. Somewhere down stream Hanna had wiped out part of the trail and it was impassible.

Everyone was really bummed. Even with the rain and mud all these riders were ready to hit the trail regardless of conditions.

We wake up Sunday morning to just an incredible day, as they always are post hurricane.

Brother Paul has to fire up the Smart Car and make the long drive back to Michigan, to explain to all those good folks who pledged money to see him bust his butt for a 100 miles -only to report he had done only 16.

As the bus pulls down the Cabin John on this perfect day, we see scores of people enjoying the DC portion of the C & O.

.... There is always next year.

Note: Although the ride may have been cut short, the fundraising was an over the top success, with reports of $300,000 being raised.


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