Saturday, November 15, 2008

Ex-Mango Corey

Many of you may remember ex mango bartender Corey, well I am glad to report that he is doing great.  He and his wife Jo have two young daughters and are living the good life out in Fairfax.  Bartender Brian and I recently went out to visit him at PF Changs in Fair Oaks, where he now manages their operation, (picture from our tour of the kitchen.)  If you are in his neighborhood make sure to stop by and say hello.  

The three of us were the Sat night Bar staff around 2003-2006. (We had some good times, good thing the walls don't talk)  It is funny how Corey (far right) used to be the fat one. Now Brian (left) and I (middle) are the chubby ones.  

looking good Corey!!


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