Sunday, August 09, 2009

Psycho Donuts

You got to be crazy for this one.

Stop in for a Bi Polar Donut. The Bipolar, half chocolate frosting and nuts, half coconut flakes.

From ABC News.
"Jordan Zweigoron, the owner of a little café in a strip center in Campbell, California, called Psycho Donuts, has found a way to attract both customers and unwanted media attention. It seems that his mental illness themed business is politically incorrect.

n Zweigoron's shop, Psycho Donuts, customers are handed bubble wrap to pop as they come through the door. Cashiers dress in old-fashioned nurses' outfits and patrons can get their picture taken in straight jackets near a mock padded room before they head out to sit in the "group therapy area".

Various strange confections such as The Bipolar, half chocolate frosting and nuts, half coconut flakes, the Manic Malt, and the Massive Head Trauma are served up by cashiers dressed up as old fashioned nurses. The Massive Head Trauma, a jelly filled doughnut with a frosting face with the letter "X" for eyes, is a special big seller.

Some people, Oscar Wright, CEO of the United Advocates for Children and Families, are not amused. Wright especially sees Psycho Donuts as being stigmatizing toward people with mental illness. "Here in California we've got approximately 1 million kids who have a mental health disorder and 600,000 of them will not receive appropriate treatment," he said. "Why is that? One is an issue of resources. But there are many parents who simply don't move forward with early prevention with their child because of social stigma," Wright said. "How do I know that? Because I was one of those parents."

The controversy appears to be that of Jordan Zweigoron's right to run a business and name his products whatever he wants to name them and people such as Oscar Wright who think that naming fattening food after mental conditions is somehow socially stigmatizing. One would want to have some kind of hard numbers that calculate the number of mentally ill people who do not seek treatment because of the social stigma and the number who do not do so because of some silly confection named CocoMarbles.


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