Monday, February 15, 2010


Hey everyone...This is not a joke. Greg Forte, pictured left, disappeared last week on Tuesday around 11:30 pm. He was last seen with friends in a condo in Fenwick Island, DE. His friends say he left the condo without shoes, and when he did not return family and friends grew concerned. There was a horrible snow storm that evening and next day. Friends say that he made phone calls to friends and his girlfriend, but nothing seemed out of the ordinary. The search located his vehicle with his keys in the ignition and music playing with the drivers door open. His knit cap was found on the walkway to the beach, and his cell phone was left in the vehicle with a dead battery. Extensive searches of the outlaying areas and Fenwick have turned up no leads.

The circumstances of Greg's disappearance are very odd and inexplicable. If anyone has any information please contact the Delaware State Police at 302.645.6653. It would also help if we could get any national new coverages on this...I appreciate anyone who may be able to help. There is no excuse not to help his family at all costs!! Thank you, ALEX HEIDENBERGER


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