Saturday, March 15, 2008

Jonas Brothers

I fired up the camper last night. Loaded a couple of Moms and 6 insane 13 year old girls and headed out to the Patriot center for the Jonas Brothers Concert. Unless your under 16, or have kids in that range, you'll have no idea about this group. Best insight is that the used to open for Hannah Montana's (Miley Cyrus) concerts.

We arrive to find about 45,000 screaming teenage girls - I don't think I saw a single teenage boy. Although this was certainly the right place to meet a girl.

Since we were driving the "camper" the parking control guys moved cones and we were able to pull up right in front the arena and drop off the girls next to one of the bands Prevost busses. This bus was really abused I can guarantee you that the Jonas Brothers were not riding in this one. Pix of the girls signing the bus.

Then the parking guys then found us a nice quiet spot to park while we waited out the mayhem.

So while the girls were losing their voices in the Arena, I fired up the propane coleman and grilled some great fish steaks that I had "borrowed" from Mango's. My apologies to any customers that went without fresh Tuna Friday night.

After the concert we couldn't leave until the girls saw the Jonas boys leave in their tour bus. To their PR credit they stood up in the front windshield of the Prevost and waived to the screaming thong as they pulled out of the Patroit Center.

Well we pack up and head up Braddock road towards the Beltway and I spot their bus, making an unusual turn from the middle lane of Braddock Road into the shopping center and stopping in front of 7-11. Hey girls, check this out. They all went NUTS. Of course we had to pull the camper into the same lot, as they were sure the BOYS we're picking up a few slurpies from 7-11. I'm thinking this makes no sense, but pull in non the less. Now with 3 huge busses in the parking lot of 7-11 it's like metal shavings to a magnet, with teenage girls (still no boys) streaming off of Braddock Road and into the lot to share some Slurpies. The bands security dudes were keeping the hyperactive girls away, but I was able to talk to their driver and the get the skinny on the unscheduled stop.

Seems as one car full of Jonas Crazed teenage girls and an overzealous mom had come a little too close to the Jonas bus and had grazed some stainless steel. Requiring an immediate, pre beltway stop, to check damage and alert the authorities.

As we pulled out the back way of the shopping center I looked back to see about 10 cops cars surrounding the 7-11 and I'm sure they're getting ready to don riot gear and helmets to protect the Lads on the bus. It was ready to get ugly and it was a great end to the girls concert evening.

I couldn't stop laughing as I roared onto the Beltway.


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I cannot believe you didnt think about that plan beforeee RAWR~


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