Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Ocean City Food Show

Every year Lankford Sysco  holds a food show,  restaurants and bars get to check out new and exciting products for the restaurant industry.  This years show was held in Ocean City MD.  After the show, Grant Schulte and Ralph Davis from Lankford Sysco took a large group of restaurant owners out for a nice meal at the Marlin Moon, in Ocean City.  Everyone had an awesome dinner (thanks to Grant and Ralph for picking up the tab).  After dinner, we were off to Ocean City hot spot "Seacrets" where even on a weekday in the offseason things were crazy.  Many shots of Grand Marnier were consumed and, as always, Steve Mann (Shooter Mcgee's) kissed every guy in the Bar. Thanks Steve, you made us all feel loved. 

 Grant, you made the blog, no more crying!


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