Monday, July 07, 2008

Best Seat in the House

About 4 years ago the Bethany FIreworks Team, shooting off the beach, nearly burned down a beachfront home. After that mishap they started shooting from a barge about 200 yards off the beach. So this year we're getting a little concerned about not seeing the barge, and wondering with the approaching storm if they're going to postpone for a day.


20 minutes ahead of schedule the fireworks are again being launched right off the beach, just a couple of blocks from Mango's. I would guess that with City budgets tightening up Bethany decided to save the $15k barge fee.

No homes were burned to the ground, to the appreciation of those living on the beach.

And the skies opened up with a torrential rain storm just as the fireworks were finished. The powers to be must have been watching the weather radar and started early in anticipation of the storm. Great Job.

As you can seen by the photo, those dining on the decks at Mango's had a front row seat for the display.


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