Sunday, July 13, 2008

Everybody wants into the Food Business- Part II

Tommy Bahamas, not content in just selling you a $125 mango inspired shirt is now in the restaurant business. Adjoining their clothing store in the Market Commons (a new section of Myrtle Beach where the Air Force base was located) they have added a very nice restaurant. Reportedly the millwork (everything wood in the joint) cost them $1.2 million. I will have to say it was very well done, food was better than average but I didn't think they were very busy for a Friday night during the season. If it was one of my joints I would be concerned. I'll guess they'll just have to raise the price of those shirts to $135 to help compensate.

One of the neatest things on the menu was the Scallop Sliders. An seafood twist on the burger sliders we used to sell at Ramparts. (Sliders - a style stolen from Little Tavern).

Note Kevin the "thorn" between two roses.


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