Friday, July 11, 2008

Waffle Cone Maker & Holder

With summertime here there's nothing better than an old fashioned ice cream cone. Unless of course it's Dickies Custard down in Bethany.

From their website:
Flavorful waffle cones without the wait! In just minutes, this electric waffle maker’s dual non-stick surface bakes up deliciously fresh sugar waffles that can be shaped into a cone or dessert bowl. Just fill with your favorite ice cream, sorbet, frozen yogurt or fruit. An easy-to-use cone form for creating perfectly shaped cones and instructions are included. Has power and ready indicator lights. While making your cones, place them in the rotating ice cream cone holder to cool and fill. A fun and mess-free way to serve ice cream cones. Easy-to-clean chrome finish stand. $29.95

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