Friday, September 25, 2009


Well maybe not Johnny Depp...the girls would have been pounding down the door. This is one of our favorite happy hour customers, Rick, who hand made this entire costume himself! Down to real wooden pistols (which he left at home) and a woven in goatee and pirate hair, this costume takes Rick up to three hours to get into. Rick first wore the costume in summer 2008. When he walked in, I had thought someone had inadvertently scheduled a Captain Morgan promotion! I had no clue it was Rick, even after talking with him for five minutes about where the rest of the Captian Morgan promotional team was. I am just glad he didn't pillage anything. We all had a great time posing in the famous Captain stance, and Rick enjoyed chatting with customers about how he made the whole costume. Rick made the costume to take to Disney, and with huge success! This year, I invited Rick to put the costume on again to take some photos with customers and staff, after bribing him with a few of our frosty MangoRitas, of course! He gladly obliged! So here ya' arrrr Rick! This blogs for you all...Cheers, Al


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