Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Mango's Road Trip

I have been too busy to get this up, but now we finally have some time down here at the beach. A group of Mango's staff including myself, Zach McCarthy, Joe Garner, and DJ Baines drove all the way to Louisville KY to see My Morning Jacket in their home town. Known as a true rock and roll band, MMJ rocked out on the Louisville Waterfront to over 15,000 fans. They played for 3 and a half hours straight for nearly 30 songs without a break!! Beat that Jimmy Buffet! Cheers to Zach, my fellow bartender, who worked two 15 hour doubles in a row....then drove 11 hours straight through the mountains of West Va. It was one of the more memorable moments of my career with Mango's....good times....and even better company! Looking forward to our next road trip together....perhaps just to DC to see the Kings of Leon in November.  The picture attached is a photo we all took in the elevator before the show. Oh...and we all grew mustaches for the show. It just felt right! 


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