Friday, September 19, 2008

Plasma Mug

I have to say this is pretty neat.

I wonder if works with Blue Moon?

From their website:
Plasma Mug
The Plasma Mug induces an orange plasma between the walls of an evacuated double-walled glass mug.

This creates an eerie orange glow (best appreciated in low light) at the bottom of the mug while it's sitting on its electric coaster.

When you touch the mug to pick it up, you'll also see fiery traces if a finger touches the outside wall.

Place it on the electronic coaster and orange plasma lightning radiates inside the mug.

Simply touch the mug to gather the orange plasma lightning to your fingertips.

When the mug is removed from the electronic coaster, the orange plasma lightning stops.

The mug is clear hand-blown glass.

The electronic coaster is black and has a on/off switch.

The plasma mug is suitable for use with any hot or cold beverage.

Being wireless and battery-powered it's completely portable.

Ideal for parties, home bar or just for fun.

The electronic coaster uses 8 AA batteries (not included) or an AC adapter (not included).

The plasma mug is 5.5" high and 3" in diameter, and the electronic coaster is 5" wide.

$19.95 click here



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