Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Great attention to detail at the reception.

Table placards were these tiny beach chairs with each guests name.

Alex makes the Big Leap

Alex Heidenberger, bar manager of Mango's in Bethany, son of partner Dick made the big leap last weekend. Marrying long time girlfriend and former Mango staffer Shannon Simmons. A terrific wedding and reception at sunset on the bay in Dewey Beach, attended by 250 friends, family and lifeguards. Highlight of the reception had to be the Band, Jimmy Smooth a perenial favorite at the Starboard.

So it pays to work at Mango's. Why spend all those high fees at eHarmony when you can meet the mate of your dreams while working at Mango Mike's.

New Blog from Mango Mike

There's always a lot going on in the Mango world. Not only with my family but also the entire Mango Mike's community. I'll be using this blog to keep you posted on these happenings. Hopefully you'll find some of this trivia interesting.