Saturday, May 31, 2008


This Morning, the price for a gallon of regular gas has hit $4 a gallon here in the west end of Alexandria.   However at Mango's we are doing what we can to ease the strain on your wallet, and have expanded our happy hour to include frozen adult  Mango beverages and $2 off the bar eats Mon-Fri 4-6:30.  Call for full happy hour menu and prices.
By the way, cheapest gas in the West End is always from our friends at the Duke and Reynolds St. Sunoco Station.  

Friday, May 30, 2008

Fed Ex Fresh Hawaiian Fish

Join us tonight for the Freshest Fish in town, Shipped to us this afternoon by Brandon at the Honolulu Fish Co.
Tonight's Fish: Hawaiian Hebe & Hawaiian Walu

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Washington Post Highlights the Starboard in Dewey Beach

Bethany Beach partner Dick Heidenberger is involved with the Starboard in Dewey Beach. The Washington Post FRONT PAGE article on Memorial Day outlines how Dewey is trying to change it's image to more of a family town. I guess it would like to emulate Bethany Beach.

Here's the article from the Post. (Note: Steve Montgomery is Monty)

DEWEY BEACH, Del. -- As mid-Atlantic beach towns go, Dewey Beach is a bit like the cool guy in school -- the one with the motorcycle and the tattoos. He's fun, he's wild and you could never bring him home to Mom.

But now, Dewey insists it's all a big misunderstanding. Sure, he says, he has a checkered past, but he's a changed man, and he deserves more respect.

Starting this season, Dewey has launched an ambitious, unprecedented marketing campaign to convince families that they are the town's most important customers. The effort to prioritize tetherball over tequila shots and bonfires over beer could represent a major shift for the town that has always been defined primarily by its oldest bars.

"There's already enough happening for the college kids and the young adults, but there's never been much going on for kids," Dewey Beach Mayor Dell Tush said. "The balance just got a little out of whack."

It's hard to dispute Dewey's wild side.

On Friday night, the official opening of summer, hundreds of drunken 20-somethings stumbled down Route 1, popping in and out of the dozen bars that line the main drag. The most popular spots had lines. Many women ignored the unseasonably cool weather, sporting miniskirts, halter tops and stilettos.

"Dewey rocks!" one intoxicated young woman shrieked as she tottered down the street. "Whooooo, this is so much fun!"

Dewey wants to show families that there is fun for them, too. The town's seven-month-old marketing task force has spent $10,000 on new activities to do just that. The Chamber of Commerce's new slogan, "Nightlife Plus," emphasizes activities such as family bonfires and PG movies on the beach.

"It's fine to have a lot of people who like to come down and drink and party at the bars, but that's not the only town we are," said Dale Cooke, a town council member who serves on Dewey's marketing committee. "That reputation was well-deserved at one point, but reputations are hard to get rid of even when things have changed."

What has changed, Cooke and other town officials say, is not a decrease in the amount of nightlife options in tiny Dewey -- in fact, four new restaurants and bars are opening this season -- but an increase in the offerings for the non-bar-hopping crowd. They hope that the town will come to be known not just for its nighttime revelry, but for its beach fun as well.

* * *

Dewey's image as Delaware's answer to Cancun or South Beach started from its earliest days. Although its larger neighbors, Bethany Beach and Rehoboth Beach, evolved from church retreat camps, Dewey -- which incorporated in 1981 -- grew in popularity because visitors were allowed to imbibe on the beach. Since then, the town's summer population has ballooned to as many as 30,000 on the weekend, compared with slightly more than 300 during the off-season.

Today, drinking on the beach is allowed during the off-season but prohibited from May 15 to Sept. 15. During the Memorial Day weekend last year, as many as 250 people were escorted off the beach daily for violating the policy.

The town's signature group houses are almost as old as the town itself; owners began renting their homes to revolving groups of up to 20 young people in the mid-1980s, and the practice has continued ever since. The houses develop identities, which are generally based on heavy drinking. One beachfront home, called the House of Dewbauchery, advertises itself as the "most fun-loving, drink-swilling, booty-shaking, fool-making house in all of Dewey!"

Few people have profited as much from the town's party culture as Steve Montgomery, the affable owner of the Starboard, the beach bar legendary for its nearly round-the-clock alcohol offerings and make-your-own Bloody Marys. Yet bar owners are some of the biggest advocates for changing Dewey's image; Montgomery was one of three founding members of the marketing task force.

Montgomery, who also owns two bars in Washington, said he wants the town's trademark bars to live on but does not want them to define the town. Although some businesses in Dewey -- particularly the Starboard and the Bottle and Cork nightclub -- have made major efforts to sell themselves in the Washington, Philadelphia and New York regions, the latest effort is the town's first marketing effort.

"There have never been a lot of things for kids to do, and I think people get scared off by the reputation," Montgomery said. "It's a great beach, but there's no boardwalk like in Rehoboth or Bethany, not even an arcade. We've got to make this a friendlier place."

Montgomery and the 31-person task force, which formed in October, compiled a list of 20 ways to lure families to Dewey and increase business during the week. Using a $10,000 grant from the city, they initiated two-large scale efforts for this summer: Monday movies on the beach and Wednesday beach bonfires.

Still, task force members are not expecting an immediate change in Dewey's hard-partying ways. Memorial Day weekend, typically the craziest few days of the year, marks the debut of the town's 38 seasonal police officers, who join a staff of eight year-round officers.

After last year's Memorial Day weekend, Tush called an emergency meeting of town officials to address complaints about drinking on the beach, littering and raucous, intoxicated young people causing trouble at all hours of the night.

"They kind of trashed the town," the mayor said. "Many, many people were not being respectful."

This weekend, early reports indicated fewer problems, an improvement attributed mostly to stepped-up enforcement that resulted from the meeting last year. Police officers stood outside every bar, along the sidewalks and on the beach.

Still, Route 1 was as loud and debauched as ever, with people stumbling out of cabs, beer cans in hand, and men whistling at women in low-cut shirts. The late-night lines at Grotto Pizza were formidable, and more than one person had vomited in the gutter.

Montgomery, who performed odd jobs on the beach as a child and began working at the Starboard 22 years ago, said he loves Dewey's spirit during the summer, but he is concerned that the town's party reputation is alienating some of its most loyal patrons. He frequently encounters married couples who met in Dewey group houses -- a list that includes U.S. Chief Justice John G. Roberts Jr. -- who want to return to town with their families.

"I meet these people who want to bring their kids, and I know I can't be selfish and say, 'This is a bar town' anymore," he said.

Monday, May 26, 2008

Grill Guard

At Mango's we're always burning our bamboo sticks. This may be the answer.

From their website:

This ingenious little stainless steel device lets you barbecue with wood or bamboo skewers without fear of burning them. The foods rest on the grill, while the exposed end of the skewers is lifted away from the heat, remaining cool to the touch. Accommodates skewers from 6" to 18". Dishwasher safe.



Movin' Out

The #1 Mangoette (aka The Roast) finished her first year in college this week and we headed up to Michigan to retrieve her from school.

As you can see from the pixs the Move In in fall was a lot more organized than the move out in the Spring. How does one fit all this stuff into a small dorm room, with a roommate none the less?

All those wishing to contribute to her college fund, kindly visit Mango's in Bethany Beach and ask for her section.

Bethany Beach Memorial Day

With only a half a tank of fuel needed to reach Bethany Beach there was a large crowd on hand for Memorial Weekend. In fact Mango's at the Beach had a record weekend.

Video of the bandstand next to Mango's on Saturday night.

Thursday, May 22, 2008

Old Faces

Ex Mango Mike's Manager Antwan and his brother Torrey stopped by today to see their old co-workers and get some jerk wings.  Thanks for stopping by guys, it's always good to see friends from the past. See you soon. 

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Muck Dogs Baseball

Bartender Andres and I took the night off to go see his son Noah's baseball game.  The Muck Dogs won the game and continued their unbeaten streak.  Here is a pic of Noah and his proud dad.  

More Deck Party Pictures

More Photos from the deck party, in case you missed it.  These shots are from our "contests"  the "frozen t-shirt battle", the "frozen yard chug" and "bobbing for lobsters".  Plus a Shot of Parrotheads Bill & Jeff helping out with the "Q". 

Sunday, May 18, 2008

Deck Opening Party • Great Time

Perfect weather was the backdrop for our annual Deck Opening Party at Mango Mike's in Alexandria.

A few pixs including bartender Osman manning the boat bar with cold Coronas. I'm sure Bill will be posting more pixs of the afternoon.

High Tide

I took this picture on Friday night, about 1/2 short of high tide. You can see Mango's in the background.
The storm ate away at a portion of the new seagrassed covered dune.

Looks like the beach is going to pretty crowded this summer.

In a non related photo. GM Tom Lannon conducts a training session with three of our new hostesses Jen, Molly and Kate. Tough job.

Huge Storm in Bethany

An unusual Spring storm hit Bethany starting Mothers Day night. These Nor'Easters usually come in the fall and winter. Staff at Mango's reported consistent winds of 60 mph and waves reaching almost 20' in height.

The resulting storm was devastating to the beaches that just recently enjoyed a $26 million dollar beach replenishment project. There has been a lot of controversy over the height of the new dunes (primarily you can't see the ocean from the boardwalk - although the view is still great from Mango's.) Thankfully that huge dune saved the boardwalk from those angry 20' waves.

Pixs of snow plows around the Indian River bridge, removing the blown sand from Rt. 1.

Friday, May 16, 2008

Fizz Cup

Make your own ice cream sodas instantly. Great for a hot summer day. (Not recommended with Corona).

From their website:

Slurping down ice cream mixed with fizzy pop has got to be one of life's greatest pleasures. In terms of quintessential summer pastimes it's right up there with lolloping in the sun, splashing about in a paddling pool and driving your '58 Chevy to the drive-in. Or is it just us that finds ice cream sodas incredibly '50s? $8.95


Thanks to

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Deck Opening Party this Saturday

Our Annual Deck Opening party is this Sat from 2-6PM.   Live Reggae Music from Miguel Abertin on our new outdoor stage.  We will have plenty of Games and Prizes and of course our traditional "bobbing for lobsters contest" which is always a huge hit. Celebrity Parrothead members Bill Treadway and Jeff Schweiger will be helping the Bubba Mike's crew with the BBQ.  Pulled Pork sandwiches and Dogs will be served straight from the Smoker.  Here are a few pictures from last years party.  see you there!!

"Tropical Storm"

With all the Rain we've had over the past few days, some of our newly planted palms were blown over!   Since the ground was saturated heavily from the rain, it didn't take much wind to knock over our new trees.  Our head groundskeeper, Oscar Martinez, tells me that the trees were only in for a week and the root system wasn't set in yet.  He assures me that as long as we don't have any more heavy wind combined with rain in the next few weeks the trees will be fine.  Meanwhile Oscar and Mike have reset the Palms. Good work Guys.  

Party Ball

Might be the perfect accessory for the next JB concert.

From their website:

While this big dispenser comes with a mix and recipes for Margaritas, it’s perfect for any summer thirst-quencher. Serve lemonade, Sangria, fruit juice or punch to a crowd. You won’t need to constantly replenish drinks—guests can serve themselves. A flat bottom lets you place it on a table, or put it in a cooler full of ice. Holds almost 2½ gallons (37 8-ounce drinks). Plastic—won’t break if bumped over.

CLICK HERE Only $19.95


Bethany Beach Landing

This vessel the Peterson started breaking up 14 miles off shore and called the Coast Guard for help. Just check out the first picture to get an idea of the seas it faced. Unfortunately one crewman was killed during the rescue. Incident happened on Monday May 12th.

Here's a press release from the ships owner:

Ken Hayes, President of Aqua Survey, the company who owned the vessel released this statement:

This morning the liftboat Russell W. Peterson sent out a distress signal to the US Coast Guard.

The Peterson had been offshore Rehoboth Beach, DE, studying bird migration. The Coast Guard
is to be commended for dispatching rescuers by both sea and air. The Peterson was staffed by
two captains. Both were removed by the Coast Guard. We have been informed that one of the
captains did not survive the ordeal. Aqua Survey is not releasing names at this point. Our hearts
and prayers are with the family and friends of the lost mariner.

Aqua Survey will work closely with the Coast Guard and other agencies to safely and quickly
salvage the vessel.

Mothers Day Bethany Beach

While Omelete Master Christian and the rest of the Mango Mike's Alexandria crew were busy setting a Mothers Day record, I was Omellete King down in Bethany. Albeit quite a bit slower as the crummy weather kept everyone back in town.

Seen here with hostesses Aaron and Polly (omelete maker wannabees).

Saturday, May 10, 2008

Don't Forget Mom

Happy Mother's Day
Mother's Day Brunch 
10am -2pm

Monday, May 05, 2008

Cinco De Mayo

Another Crazy Cinco De Mayo at Mango Mike's.  The Corona Girls showed up with the Mexican Mariachi band while the bar was serving up the cold Coronas as fast as possible.  Bartenders Andres and Amy were serving up the Mexican beverages as fast as the bar backs could ice them down.  Meanwhile the Corona ladies made sure everyone got a Cinco t-shirt.  

8 Tons of Pure White Sand

The Dump Truck of our pure white beach sand arrived today to help complete our outside Island atmosphere.   All the palms are in, and the landscaping portion of the tropical deck is really coming together .  Here's a few shots of Mike and his crew unloading the sand.

Sunday, May 04, 2008

Northern Virginia's #1 Omelette Man

Christian Cabrejo has perfected the omelette art after 6 + yrs at Mango's Sunday brunch.   He creates them to order for the brunch guests using a giant variety of fresh ingredients ( Shrimp, Chicken, ham, peppers, onions ......).  When he gets weeded he cooks them four at a time, pretty amazing.  Watch him work every Sunday 10-2.  

Saturday, May 03, 2008

Palms are here!!!!

Our 18 wheeler from Florida arrived today filled with tropical plants for the annual planting week.  Mango Mike and his crew have been working all morning unloading the truck and getting holes prepped,  it is a huge undertaking and this years palms are bigger than ever.  With the addition of the Trop Rock Stage for live entertainment and the Doggy Deck this season looks to be one of our best yet.  More Pics to come.