Friday, October 31, 2008

Free Tropical Plants - Alexandria

Every year we baby our tropical plants all season with tender love, plenty of water, sunshine and Miracle Grow. Now it's time for them to have a good home for the winter. Join us for dinner Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday (Nov. 3, 5) and when you're finished we'll present you with a beautiful, fully grown tropical plant in a heavy bag ready to transport, to your pot at home.

Just keep in a sunny room and feed with Miracle Gro once a week.

We have hibiscus, oleander and banana plants ready to go.

We also have some fully grown palm trees we'll be glad to donate, but you'll need a full grown back hoe and large truck to move.

Saturday, October 25, 2008


Hey all....coming up on one of my favorite holidays of the calendar year! HALLOWEEN! We have a pretty special event coming up this Thursday evening in the town of Bethany Beach. We have partnered up with our fellow restaurants in town to bring you the ultimate dining experience. I like to call it a restaurant crawl....without the crawling! The evening starts with an appetizer and a cocktail at Bethany Blues, then moves over to Sedona for a full sit down dinner and another cocktail. The dinner portion finishes off at The Parkway Restaurant with dessert and a glass of wine. Finally, the evening wraps up at Mangos (WHERE ELSE!!?) for another cocktail and some live music with local phenom Reed Dibeler. We all know how I love a good party. The price for the entire night is only $75 a head! Call or email Alex for more details! or 202.302.2325.

Also....this Friday night we will be hosting a costume party up at Mangos with live music with Reed! Winning costumes will receive gift certificates to Bethany Blues and Mango's. So start gettin creative takes a lot to impress us here at Mango's! Rumor has it that our head chef is dressing up as Mango Mike! Looking forward to seeing all of you out and about this week!

Cheers, Big Al

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Argentina Embassy

Head Bartender Andres (Chucho) and I were invited to the the Embassy of Argentina to represent Mango Mike's.  Washington Area Businesses and Organizations were recognized for their support in raising awareness of the Argentine Latin Culture.  Andres and Thursday Night Dj Jorge accepted the "Mate" Cup, which is a symbolic gesture from the Embassy that represents friendship.  Good times and plenty of Argentine Wine. We were very honored to be invited and to receive this special award.

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

$9.95 Soy Sesame Tilapia Feature

Available for $9.95 thru Oct. 30th.  Fresh Tilapia Fillet, pan seared in a Soy Brandy Sesame Sauce topped with toasted sesame seeds and joined with Garlic Mashed Potatoes and Grilled Vegetables.  Join us for dinner without killing your wallet.

Monday, October 13, 2008

Wild Turkey American Honey Girls

Wild Turkeys latest flavored product, American Honey, sent their girls over to Mango Mike's Alexandria to sample the new honey bourbon and promote the brand.  Never a dull moment here at Mangos.

Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Food Network comes to Mango Mike's Alexandria

The Food Network's popular program "Ace of Cakes" shot footage for their upcoming season this Saturday at Mango's.   The Camera crew and Ace of Cakes team unveiled their latest Tiki Cake at a Birthday party hosted by Mango's.  The episode will air sometime in the next 2 months, so get your Tivo ready.  

Art on the Avenue Pics

Great weather for this past weekends art on the avenue.  Great turnout and the crew of Mike, Noi and Oscar served up quite a few pulled pork sandwiches to the eager BBQ fans in Del Ray.  

Our booth was coincidently located a stones throw from the future location of Mango Mike's newest concept ("Q" on the Avenue). The BBQ joint is planned to be located at the corner of Oxford and Mt Vernon Ave, Currently a half demolished gas station (shown in the last picture.)

NYC Oktoberfest Birthday

This past weekend was my little brother's birthday. My father and I made the trip to visit him in the Big Apple. We decided to head to Zum Schneider ( which is an authentic German beer garden. My family is originally from Germany, so it just felt right for October! We each had a couple of 32 oz Steins of German Beer, and enjoyed some real German cuisine.  It sure beats drinking Miller Lite all the time!! It was really great to spend the weekend with little brother and my dad, although it is nice to be back home after the craziness of New York City! Cheers, Big Al

Friday, October 03, 2008

Art on the Avenue

We'll be there with 200 lbs of Carolina Pulled Pork which has been slow smoked for over 11 hours. Join us on the Avenue from 10 to 6pm Saturday October 4th.

Art on the Avenue Click Here

Congress Passes Bail Out Bill - You Save At Mango's